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Leader Recruitment

Resources for Group Leaders and committee members who recruit new leaders.

This page lists resources you might need when recruiting a new leader. Choose what videos and documents you think are appropriate and of interest to the prospective leader and download or display them as required. 

The resources listed below may be viewed on a Smartphone, personal computer or an internet capable TV.  
The links may also be copied to an email and sent to the potential leader.

Resources for the recruitment / interview phase

  1. Recruitment and Retention of Leaders - A PDF booklet setting out steps that will help you recruit leaders.

  2. Six Step Recruitment Guide - A PDF booklet  complete with job descriptions and a desirable characteristics guide for each role in SCOUTS.

  3. A job description for leaders – A generic job description (PDF document) that outlines the role of leaders and highlights the main tasks.

  4. A video of adults talking about their roles in Scouting and the satisfaction they get from being involved in the development of youth. 

  5. A video of youth members explaining what “Better Prepared” means and how they and the leaders benefit from it. 

  6. National Scout video - A video promoting SCOUTS New Zealand.

  7. A video of a young Scout Leader in Denmark - A heartwarming explanation of why she is a Scout Leader.

  8. What’s in it for me? – A PDF document explaining what Scouts and Leaders gain from involvement with the worldwide ‘Scout Movement’. 

  9. Leadership leaflet- A colourful three fold leadership leaflet. (order from Regional Service Centre ph 0800 SCOUTS). 
     National events links to information about a number of events leaders may be interested in:

o    Scout Jamboree (video)

o  National Regatta (video)

o  National Venture (video)

o  National Rover Moot - video of Deco Moot 2016 in Napier (Made by Australian Rovers)

o    Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School (video) Made by a student pilot on his first solo flight.

o    Aviation School

o    Caving School (video) - made by a Venturer showing a journey through a cave.

o    Mountaineering School 

o    Canoeing School 

o    Snowcraft School 

o    Photography School 

      Examples of Regional events - videos of two events

o    Summer camps (Slide show)

o    Pio Pio Waikato Adventure Camp (video)

      Group videos

Resources for the 'Signing up' phase
  1.  The warranting process 
    A chart showing the steps involved

  2.   “An introduction to Scouting New Zealand for new leaders"   
          Download a slide show that helps the Group Leader provide a potential new leader
          with a sound understanding of our Movement.  
    Also available as a booklet
    – order from the Regional Office.

  3.  What’s next?
    A chart outlining training available for all new leaders.

  4.  The paperwork 
         Links to the latest warrant form and Police Vetting form (Must be logged onto the SCOUTS NZ members site):
  5. o    Scout Warrant form” (Word) and “Police Vetting form” (Word)

  6.  Welcome to our Scout Group : template (optional)A Word docx document - Download to edit..